Water Damage Restoration in Jacksonville, Florida


A water-damaging event can completely change the way a home or business looks and operates permanently. It can cause severe damage that can render the property uninhabitable and unsafe. Whether you are dealing with a leaky pipe or are experiencing a flood, our technicians in Jacksonville, Florida can help you. 

Our technicians in Jacksonville, Florida are highly trained, skilled, and certified in handling any level of severity of water damage. Our water damage restoration process allows us to administer our services and remain involved throughout every step of the water damage restoration process. United Water Restoration Group of Jacksonville is part of an extensive connected network of vetted professionals. This allows our technicians to always have influence and be part of the water damage restoration process for every step. This means we can handle any level of severity or job, from water extraction to reconstruction, we can help bring your home or business back to its normal, pre-loss conditions. 

The first step to our water damage restoration process is to contact our emergency hotline at (800) 430-5838. This hotline will place you in direct contact with a qualified technician in the Jacksonville, Florida area. In the event of emergencies, our technicians can arrive at your property in as little as an hour. We also offer flexible scheduling that works around your availability. Once our technicians in Jacksonville, Florida arrive at your property, they will begin a comprehensive assessment and inspection. Upon finishing their review, they will go over their findings and give you a detailed plan of action. 

The next step is for our technicians in Jacksonville, Florida to extract any water in affected areas. From there we will begin using industrial dehumidifiers to dry affected areas. Once the areas are dried, we can begin cleaning and sanitizing these areas to prevent lingering smells and further damage. After this step, our technicians in Jacksonville, Florida will start restoring, repairing, or replacing affected items. We may be able to help restore lightly damaged items such as drywall, carpet, rug, clothing, or furniture.