Mold Damage Remediation in Jacksonville, Florida


Mold spores are microscopic organisms that are present in nearly every room. These spores are typically harmless and can come in from an open window, pets, or even our own clothing. Though they remain harmless in a room, if introduced to the right circumstances, they can latch onto organic materials and form mold colonies. Mold colonies can spread quickly and can cause severe damage to items like drywall, furniture, carpet, rug, and clothing. If you suspect your home or business is dealing with a mold colony outbreak, you should contact assistance. Our technicians in Jacksonville, Florida can assist in removing any size mold colony outbreak.

Our mold damage remediation process in Jacksonville, Florida can assist in getting your home or business back to normal in no time! The first step to our mold damage remediation process involves contacting our emergency hotline at (800) 430-5838 and scheduling an appointment with our technicians. At our office in Jacksonville, Florida, our technicians have flexible scheduling available to help find a time that best suits your needs and availability.

Once our technicians in Jacksonville, Florida arrive at the scheduled time, we begin by carefully combing through your home or business to create a comprehensive inspection. Our technicians will share their findings with you and go over a detailed plan of action on how we can get your home or business back to its normal, pre-loss conditions. The next step to our mold damage remediation process involves our technicians in Jacksonville, Florida extracting any excess water. Mold colonies grow once they latch onto organic material with the presence of moisture and oxygen. In order to get the mold remediation process starter, we need to dry all affected areas to prevent any further contamination.

Our technicians in Jacksonville, Florida will use procurement treatments and help locate the source of the problem to ensure further outbreaks do not occur. Our team in Jacksonville, Florida will finish up with repairing, restoring, or replacing items such as rugs, carpets, clothing, furniture, and drywall. Depending on the severity of the damage, our technicians in Jacksonville, Florida may be able to restore items.

"Jordan Fike helped us after we had a water line rupture in our laundry room. He was professional and did a fantastic job getting everything dried out with as little disruption to me and my family as possible. I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for services they offer."
Ryan Anderson
UWRG Customer
"We needed quick water removal due to a slab leak affecting our newly refinished hardwood floors. Kelvin and Jason did a great job, identified the wet spots and installed containment tents quickly to remove the moisture. Their quick action minimized the damage. They were very professional and were a pleasure to work with in a difficult situation. I would definitely call them again but I hope I don’t have to."
R. Kermitz
UWRG Customer