How to Spot a Fire Hazard

Fire hazards can cause serious problems. Thousands of fires each year are caused by improperly identified fire hazards. Each person needs to make sure that potential fire hazards don’t turn into real fires. Many serious fires were the result of undetected abandoned materials which then ignited.

At United Water Restoration Group of Jacksonville, we specialize in fire damage restoration. Here are some things to check for with fire hazards while protecting your family and property.


Electronics Can Get Hot

Electrical fires can be a hazard. A lot of people have been hurt or killed because of electrical fires. To stop this, make sure that you check for connections that have been damaged. See if your outlets are overloaded or show signs of wear. Use extension cords when applicable.

Surge protectors can protect electronics, but if you use too many things plugged in at once, they can start a fire! Storing electronics away from flammable objects is the best way to stop an electrical fire from starting. Store televisions far away from places where there is fabric or other flammable items like curtains and drapes!


Fire Hazards in a Kitchen

Kitchen fires are the most common type of fire in homes. You want to make sure that you have no materials that can cause a fire near the stove, like trash containers or cleaning products. Microwaves can sometimes start a fire! Be careful since things like paper towels or flammable items might catch on fire and cause serious damage.

If an intense grease fire forms, don’t use water to put it out! Cover it with a lid to suffocate the flames. It’s smart to buy a fire extinguisher for your kitchen.


Personal Space Heaters

Heaters are common in winter, with improper management they can start a fire. The heater should be at least three feet away from things that can burn, like bedding and clothes. Electric sparks to a wardrobe are the cause of many fires! Space heaters are involved in 1 out of every 6 home fires during the winter months. This means that 1 out of every 5 people who die from fire each year pass from improper space heater usage.


Fire Hazards of Controlled Fires

Make sure you check your chimney before starting a fire. The vent should be open and have there be a fireplace screen or barrier to keep small children and pets from going in. You should clean the fireplace every year and remove any debris that might build up over time.

Candles can be fun but if not used properly, they can cause fires! Keep candles away from drapes, curtains, furniture, or anything else that is flammable. Never leave an open flame unattended or that could start a fire as well. A jar with water and sand can prevent the spread of candle flames should they fall onto things.


Dryer Buildup

Make sure the lint screen and exhaust pipe from your dryer are cleaned out. The buildup of lint can cause a fire! Look at all of the outlets in your house too. You do not want any appliances to be overloaded near each other.


Outside Clutter is a Fire Hazard

Your storage areas can also impact a fire starting. Make sure there is good ventilation and insulation in the area. If you store too many boxes, containers, or cabinets then it can start a fire from the buildup of heat. If storing items near an overheating furnace or heater, move them!

Gasoline needs to be stored away from your home and away from vegetation because it could start a fire if they get too hot or if the gas spills out. Grills should be used away from homes as well and kept away from vegetation.



Fire Alarms can Prevent a Fire

A way to prevent fires is a smoke alarm! This will wake people up to get out in time. It is important to check your smoke alarms and change the batteries when they run out of power. If you have a large house, this might take some time so it’s best to have multiple alarms that are in different parts of the house too.


Check for Fire Hazards Regularly

If you see something out of place, take care of it. If fire hazards are not checked regularly, then your property could be in danger and other people’s property can be destroyed too. Always check for any possible fire hazards, such as lighters or matches, because they can start a fire. 

Fire damage is the result of something burning. If these fires happen around your house and they come into contact with your house (for example by flying debris), then you should call a restoration expert. Contact our team at (904) 469-1606 for professional fire damage cleanup if a fire emerges in or around your home. We can restore your home to new like nothing ever happened!

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